Published On: Wed, Dec 10th, 2014

Useful iOS8 Tips & Tricks

iPhone 6 is getting popular as expected but the performance of iOS8 is not as per the standards of Apple Battery issue is one of the main things on which the fruit company is required to work very seriously as customers have faced the issue this year also. Many people faced the issue with Wi-Fi which is surprising as nobody expected from Apple to provide such kind of devices.

Company tried to solve the issue with iOS8.0.1 update but many customers were still complaining for various reasons. Now with their latest iOS8.2 Beta 1 update, the models are working much better than the previous versions. Therefore it is now useful for you if you know some beneficial tips and tricks through which you can enjoy the full power of this operating system.

  • There is a special feature called Medical ID in health app this time where you can enter your important details like blood-type, allergies, emergency contact numbers and many more things. It can be highly useful under certain circumstances.
  • Now you need not have to enter your card details every time you do shopping from your favorite online store. Just take an image of your card for scanning the number and the details can be entered itself. Those people who use safari along with CC Field can utilize this facility very easily and they need not have to worry about the security of your financial details.
  • If you are looking to access the contacts immediately then just tap the home button twice. Now here you will get access to your multi-tasking screen through which you can select the contact with whom you want to talk.
  • Many times we want to capture a fast moving action shot clearly. There is a special burst mode option available to get the image in this case. Select the image and hold the shutter icon. Now just keep holding the button and the device will use burst mode to give you excellent pictures. You will see the digits appearing on the display. It will give you the information about the total number of images captured by the camera.
  • You can customize the notification centre according to your need. There is an edit section at the bottom of the screen where you can scroll down the notification centre to make the changes. If you do not require some notifications then you can simply close it and keep only those which are useful for you.

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