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The Top 8 iOS 8 Features

iOS 8 review

Apple recently released iOS 8 and today I am here to introduce you with some extraordinary features of iOS 8. I am not going to take it long for now and directly jumping over there.

Quick Type:

Basically if you open up a conversation, you can see a predictive text bar right above the keyboard. If you go ahead and type, it will give you some prediction. Like wise, if you type “hey”, it will give you some prediction like “guys”, “you” etc. now what actually really cool about this and where you can differentiate it from an android keyboard is it going to read your conversations. Actually it is using a content aware technology to read your text messages and give you some more informative prediction on which you are going to respond back to. Truly nice and it will help you to type little bit quicker on your device.


Now sticking with the messaging application, I am going to look up at the second feature are released in iOS 8. And that just a new messaging update. If you open up any conversation, you can see few new features. So you will have for group messaging, as well as tap to talk. If you go ahead and tap on the microphone and start recording a voice, it will immediately send that recording to your friends you chatting with. You can click that recording to play and you can see the response done by your friend that the message is delivered or not. This works the same way if you want to do this with the photo. So, if you tap on the camera and hold and it will give you and go ahead to the front facing camera. Then you can take a photo or take a video by swiping up or right respectively. After taking photo or video, it will send that immediately to your mate. This is very similar feature which his added in snapchat. It is really nice and really convenient. It is really easy to quickly getting contacted with somebody by sharing photos, videos or voice. If you are in-group chat and you want to add a new member or delete a member, it’s easy to do it by simply going to the details at the top. You can also do ‘do not disturb’. If you are working with your phone and not to get bothered by notification then you can turn that button on. You will also have ‘leave this conversation’, if somebody is getting really annoying and you just wanting out from the conversation, just hit on that and it will ping you out from the group message and they can continue on their way.

iOS 8 features

Health App:

This is actually available only in iPhone. I have iPad as well but I was unable to get this app. Within health, what basically what this is going to allow you to do is if you have different cards they are going to give information about health in your current state. You can also link this up with the 3rd party applications. You can go to different medication that you need, tracking your fitness like height or calories and all of the above. So it will give you a very thorough break down. You can also log in to your medical id incase you are in a car accident or in sort of an accident; they can pull up your phone and go ahead and see all the information they need about you at a moments glance. In sources, different applications are going to integrate.


So if you go ahead into photos, and open any photo then you will get couple of options. You will see little heart option and this is going to set that photo as favorite. Once you set your photo as a favorite it will shows up all of your devices instantly. So that picture will be on your iPad, MacBook, iPod. When you click up on edit, you will find few new editing tools. You will find crop options, which now also have very nice straightening feature. You will find light and color option there. So if you click on light, you can click the slider over and easily adjust the photo. You can also see the in depth view of lighting settings there. You can also edit brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights and shadows individually. There you also find color settings by which you can setup the color combination of your photos.

Siri Updates:

So you have features like ‘hey Siri’ which is going to allow you prompt Siri immediately. I do not have work in just yet, may not be available on the first beta. But what does work is song recognition. If you open up Siri and say ‘what song is this’ and then if you sing a song it will going to search and tell you details about the song. Siri actually now have streaming voice recognition. Voice recognition is so much improved and it will answer you in real time.

iOS 8

Notification / Notification Center

Third party widgets are now added on the notification center. Now these are available through application. Within this notification center you can respond to notifications. You can dismiss your notifications ort read it instantly. When someone sends a message, it will show you in notifications if your messaging apps are not open. Then you can see that messages through notifications and also can reply on there. You can do this with other application apps like Facebook or twitter etc. that’s because of the integration of third party apps.

Third Party Keyboard

I have already talked about quick type feature, however they are also now adding third party keyboard. Third party keyboards are not available right now but they are coming very soon.

Spotlight Updates:

If you go ahead and pull down into spotlight, you actually have a few options in here. You can search for apps in the Appstore, point of interest, news, restaurants, and songs on iTunes as well as movies. Now what’s cool for movie search, if you search for Godzilla it not only show you the movie result but also show you the show time nearby theaters, rotten tomato ratings and more.

So these are my 8 features of iOS 8. Hope it will help you much. If it helped you then inspire me by commenting what you think and with any suggestion.

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