Published On: Sat, Jul 26th, 2014

Top 10 OS X Yosemite Features

Apple deathly shifted from names based on big cats to names based on beautiful places in California starting OS 10 Mavericks. Yosemite is a amazing new release. It comes with the new interface, extra ordinary new features on popular apps and something very new called “continuity”. After a long period you can find Yosemite a big change in Design, UI and Apps.

1. Design:

Yosemite comes with really nice user interface and really colorful and different. Very nice and clean looking docks at the bottom. You will notice a lot of transparency through out the entire user interface. If you open Map application you will love the way the application looks. It’s just gorgeous and not really carries through out the entire operating system. Almost every design is changed. Applications icons are changed, finder interface changed, folder icons are changed and Fonts are changed to Helvetica Neue and more.

2. New Notification Center:

If you swipe over notification center, you will see ‘Today View’. On the top you get the date and weather forecast. Very cool social features to message someone directly from the ‘Today View’ now. There are also calendar events, stocks, calculator and this is also going to let you add new widgets and all those other features you got from the iOS 8 updates. You can also do calculation and if you hit edit then you can add some third-party widgets on the notification center. ‘Today View’ is really different and makes notification center much better.

3. Spotlight:

It no longer lives up top right hand corner; it will show up in the front-end center with brand new beautiful UI. It searches not only on your Mac but also on the Internet. Searches like Wikipedia articles, unique conversions of currencies, information about movies, movie ratings and more. Spotlight is more powerful tool now. It’s little bit similar to ‘Alphred’. If you search for a movie then it will sow you Wikipedia article, movie on iTunes or Amazon, playing on theater recently or nearby you.

4. ICloud Drive:

Now you can access all of your documents stored on iCloud in one central place along with any files that your wish to on the drive. It dose not have to be a document created by an iCloud App. There is also going to be improvement for syncing which will be good for the users works with phone or tablets.

5. Messages:

Message is a great app on the Mac and its just got better in Yosemite. You can now send text messages to any phone. It no longer has to be in iOS device. Your iPhone access relay, it bounces the message from your Mac to your iPhone to the recipient. There are also some improvements for group messaging. You can see shared locations, all the pictures you have sent on group messaging and you can also name the group messaging.

6. Wi-Fi calling:

Suppose you want to go for dinner with your girlfriend and you are looking for a good restaurant. You got their phone number from their website and you need to call now. Most important thing is you do not need to call from your phone now; you can call directly from your MacBook. Try something searches on spotlight and you can see a phone icon before the phone number. Click on that and your call will start immediately and you will see nice display of call info at the top right hand corner. Also you Mac will be able to receive calls whenever your iPhone is near. Notifications will popup at the corner and when you click accept and you are good to go for talking.

7. HandOff:

If you are working on an email or browsing safari on your iPhone or iPad and when you walk up to your Mac an icon will show up at the dock. When you click on it will open up to the email right where you left off editing or right to the webpage that your were browsing. This is very useful feature and really incredible feature.

8. Airdrop:

This airdrop feature is between Mac and iOS devices. To get this work make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on and works properly. Then swipe up from the bottom on your iOS device and select Turn Airdrop On. Then from your Mac in the airdrop window, you will see your iPhone popup. Then just drag and drop whatever file you want to send to your iPhone. Then you will get a notification to your iPhone to accept or reject the file.

9. Mail Markup:

If you go into ‘Settings’ then you will see a new section called ‘Extensions’. One of the extensions within there is ‘Actions’ and within that is ‘Markup’. Markup in action is really cool place when checkout mails. When you are on composing a new message and you drag and drop a picture on that mail, at the corner of the picture you will see one arrow. When you click on that arrow you will find ‘Markup’. What this is for is you can now markup on the picture itself. It’s a really cool feature. You can actually draw shapes, you can also annotate by drawing a text boxes and you can also add magnifying glasses to it. This editing actually saves to the picture itself and then you can send it to whomever you want.

10. Mail Drop:

Most annoying thing about email is tried to send a message and you can’t because your attachment are too big. Now that problem is fixed. With a mail using Yosemite you can send up to 5GB of attachments. You just need to drag and drop the file when composing your email and it will be added and ready for sending to the recipient. Click to send the email, and then select ‘Use Mail Drop’ from the popup. What happens are the attachments taken out of the email and managed on apple servers and then sent to the recipient from that server.

These are the top 10 new features of OS X Yosemite 10.10. I think all these are really cool and very helpful for all users. This will bring comfort to the users of apple products. I liked the design, handoff, iCloud Drive, Messaging and Wi-Fi calling features from the others. After final release Yosemite will be the king of market and it will be free for users. You can also share hidden features of Yosemite by commenting below.

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