Published On: Sun, May 15th, 2011

Tikona Broadband – what is static ip?


I am sure every ‘normal’ internet user does know about static ip. For all those who still don’t know what a static ip is:

A static IP address is one that is bound to a particular interface on a server and is persistent between reboots. This means that a server with a particular static IP address bound to it will always use that IP address for whatever services are being used on that interface.

A fixed (non-dynamic) IP address. Your IP address and host name are recorded in the DNS tables, and remain unchanged each log in.

I had a call recently from Tikona Wi-Broadband guys (no idea from where they got my mobile number from!) telling me about their mind blowing plans and super-sonic speeds, I asked the sales-guy to come up at my place and explain their plans in detail.

Finally he is at my place, I see the plans they don’t seem any different from Airtel Broadband, MTNL Broadband and more.. though I have tried every ISP provider in India (almost) I decided why leave Tikona?

The next thing I ask the sales guy is do you offer static ip address? He looked stunned and out of words, maybe like I asked him is Tikona Broadband available in Mars! He takes his time and finally concludes its best to talk to his senior executive. He repeats my question 4 times to his guy and finally hands me the phone since the guy on the other end wasn’t able to understand what I am asking.

I ask him about static ip address, he tells me yes sir your connection will be good and the speeds will be as promised. I repeat; he says yes sir all connections have ip.

I say thanks and ask the sales guy to contact me after 1 month as I will be out of town.

If you (Tikona) don’t understand what is static ip, how are you going to serve me in future? Senior guys too have no idea about static ip!

I drop the idea to use Tikona Broadband… anyways gives me an idea to blog about my experience!

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