Published On: Mon, Jan 19th, 2015

Samsung SUHD Curved TV: New Models

Samsung is taking their curved TV models to the next level as they recently showed their SUHD TV in CES 2015. They are bringing a new SUHD model which will be based on their own Tizen OS. It is going to be a smart TV with minimum 700 apps. Therefore in coming days it will be considered as one of the finest smart TV models with high-quality features.

This new SUHD curved TV model will be available in three series. These are JS9500, JS9000, and JS8500. Size will be massive as the range is going to be from 48 inches to 88 inches. Company is using Quantom Dot technology in this category and here nano-crystal semi-conductors are playing a big part. The colors are appearing much brighter and clear. Moreover the size of the models has reduced due to which they are much thinner than other models.

The 4K content is going to give a thriving experience of watching television. There are special supports for major media players. Therefore if you are a big fan of Fox or Disney then this model will not disappoint you. JS9500 model will also support PlayStation. Therefore excellent support for premier gaming is also here.

The current edition is appearing much better this time and once you see the model you will feel the difference. You can attach five different Samsung devices with your Television and it can be useful to get the real entertainment experience. Currently there are not details available for the price tag. The model is expected to arrive later in 2015. So if you are planning to buy a premium smart TV then Samsung SUHD curved TV can be an excellent choice. The home entertainment experience is just going to be better with this model.

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