Published On: Sat, Oct 6th, 2012

Main features of iPhone 5

Finally everything about iPhone 5 is clear now and it is set to grab the market like its predecessors. However what are the main features due to which users should go for this model? It is now a very common question whenever a new iPhone model gets ready to come into the market. Here we are discussing some main points of iPhone 5 which you can check and then decide if the model is useful for you or not.

The most attractive thing about iPhone 5 is the size of the screen. It is bigger and better. Earlier Apple used to bring 3.5 inches of screen but this time they changed their trend. We have seen first time that Apple brought an iPhone model with 4 inches of screen. A lot of factors were the reason due to which Apple were almost forced to change their decision. Fruit Company saw that many other big screen models are doing good business and people are changing their preference. Therefore they decided to change their strategy. They brought a big iPhone this time which can offer you videos of high quality with crystal clear display. Apple also wanted to change the look of iPhone so that it can create more interest among the masses. Therefore bigger screen with better display quality is one of key points of this model.

This model has ultrafast LTE. Earlier they were using earbud headphones on their models but this time they changed it to Ear Pods. They also changed the design of this section to give a fresh look. Siri is also better this time. You can even book restaurants through iPhone 5. Connector is much better than its predecessors and this model can work through wireless high-speed data network with ease. The model has a new operating system which can be useful in many cases. However they are not using a quad-core processor here. Many experts believe the fact that Apple also paid attention towards the battery life. Therefore they avoided any changes in processor which can be very valuable for most of the users. You can use GSM and CDMA in 2G as well as 3G network. You can also use 4G Network here.

The chemistry of battery is such that users would be able to get a longer battery life this time. Standby time is up to 225 hours and talk-time is up to 8 hours here. Furthermore Apple didnâ??t make any changes in their price structure. The cost is same which are $199, $299 and $399 with a contract of two years. This price depends on the internal storage capacity and camera of this model is also excellent. Overall the model is much better than previous iPhone versions. You can go for it if you want to experience the highest speed with excellent quality of apps.

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