Published On: Wed, Nov 5th, 2014

Mac Mini 2014: First Look

Apple has brought the new Mac Mini after a gap of two years and it is certainly good news for Mac lovers. The new model was unveiled just a few days ago and you can now purchase this model from Online Apple Store. The new model is getting a mixed response from the users.


One of the key points to note here is that customers would not be able to upgrade some of its hardware. There are no such options to enhance the performance of processor. So it can be somewhat disappointing for some customers. Moreover there is no user accessible memory here.

Apple is providing the new Mac-Mini model in three versions. So the alternatives are available as per your budget. The prices of these versions are £399, £569, and £799 only. There is no difference in overall designs of these models as they look very similar to the previous edition. These models have Haswell processors by Intel and it has Thunderbolt 2 as well as Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Therefore it can undoubtedly offer a fabulous performance to the buyer.


There is no SATA port here but now you can use iFixit here. The most economical model contains Intel HD Graphics 5000 while the other two models Intel Iris Graphics. So while using these machines, you will certainly find out the reason why these models are different from others. The height of Mac-Mini 2014 is 1.7 inches whereas depth and width are 7.7 inches each. Storage capacity of the cheapest model is 500GB and the other two models have 1TB capacity.


Connectivity options are superb. Apple is using Bluetooth version 4.0 technology here and it has high-quality Ethernet facility also. Apple is providing one-year limited warranty. So take a look on these models to check if they are suitable for you or not. However if you haven’t used any Mac model before then it is an excellent choice. The weight of these three models is 1.19 Kg., 1.20Kg. and 1.22Kg only.

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