Published On: Fri, Oct 24th, 2014

HP Pro X2 612 & HP SlateBook X2: Two New Gadgets with Detachable Devices

HP is a dependable brand in PC market. Most of the people prefer using laptops and desktops of this company as they are providing good quality models from a long time now. Now if we specifically talk about laptops then the market is changing these days. Many folks around the globe are looking for detachable devices as they are more convenient to carry at any place. HP brought two detachable devices this year and these are HP Pro X2 612 and HP SlateBook X2. Here we are providing you the details of these models.

HP Pro X2 612

HP Pro X2 612 is an excellent choice for enterprise users. It has 12.5 inch display and the resolutions are 1366*768 pixels. Company has added LED-Backlit LCD screen here. Users have the facility to choose Intel i3 and Intel i5 processor for this device. Moreover a vPro alternative is also available. This device has 8192MB of RAM and the available SSD are 128GB.

It is a multi-touch laptop where you can get the CPU speed of 1600 Mhz. The machine has Intel HD 4200 graphic card to provide excellent graphics. One of the best things about the laptop is that you can easily connect HP Pro Tablet 612 which is highly convenient for transferring the data and other records. You can access your important files without any difficulty with this method. Battery is a vital thing to check. The battery capacity of this laptop is 29.3 Wh which can work for 14.15 hours when you combine keyboard and tablet. It has the newest wireless interface option and the gadget works through Windows 8/8.1.

HP SlateBook X2

Similarly HP SlateBook X2 is a special tablet that can work like a laptop when you add keyboard. It has 2GB of RAM and the machine is loaded with Nvidia Tegra Quad Core processor. It has the primary camera of 1080p and you can also use a secondary camera of 720p in this device. The gadget has SD card slot and the inbuilt memory is 64GB. The dock section has an additional battery. Therefore it is capable to give you excellent performance every time. So check these two devices if you are looking for a good detachable device.

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