Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2011

HostGator Announces HostGator India

When every other International IT company is establishing its branch in India, why should Hostgator be left behind?

Hostgator on May 24 2011 officially announced its operations in India promising top notch performance servers hosted locally in India.

The advantage for sites mainly with Indian traffic would be low latency and access time. With the network path being very short and the one that never travels out of India, an international broken backbone will never affect traffic/access to your sites.

The access times for sites hosted on such low latency network from within India and the Asian region is very fast. Also other account functions such as access to Cpanel/WHM, Emails, FTP etc see very fast speeds compared to overseas hosted websites.

Hostgator Plans for India are same as those offered by Hostgator US just that one needs to pay service tax charged @ 10.30% as imposed by Indian tax authorities.

Hostgator also offer 24×7 localized support for the Indian Operations via helpdesk, live chat and phones.

Hostgator India is offering a 7 day beta test of their shared hosting accounts on their Indian servers for people who want to test the speed and access times of their Indian servers. You can email them at to request a beta testing account.

Visit: Hostgator

Coming to the actual facts and my review towards Hostgator India would be:

Why on Earth will I want to pay 10.30% more than what I pay to Hostgator US?

Why should I pay the INR to USD difference to my bank/credit card company to pay for their plans on their Indian hosting?

Their setup is still in the initial stages with the affiliate system not in place.

Hostgator India can be a big blow to other Indian Hosting companies since they have entered their space now moreover Hostgator is known for eating up their competitors!

With an office in Nashik – Maharashtra, I’d love an invitation to their space to check out how secured is their server space with our data!

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  1. Neel says:

    Hostgator India has got the worst support team i have even seen.. my god i cant belive they can just close your chat, just like that if they dont like you.. i was on their chat system for about 20 mins, trying to resolve my billing issue.. when the support guys were not able to understand the issue, i was trying to explain them step by step, point by point..

    now this support guy sachin probably dont like me, so out of blue he closes my chat, updating the comment in their support system as “Chat session closed due to lack of network response from Neel after 300 seconds.”

    Have a look at the time fields below, it was less than 1 minute back i have replied, infact it was less than 30 secs.. but they still close the live chat session giving that damn reason..

    I choose hostgator India only by looking at their Global support, but this Indian hostgator support team is the worst support team i ever seen..

    I would strongly recommend not to choose Hostgator India. i am myself looking for another host from India and will migrate to new host for 100% sure this week..

    last few lines of my chat history HostGator India
    (11:00 am) [Neel]: out of this total Rs.3820.24, you have charged my paypal account a partial amount of Rs.1241.06 with transaction id: 8K033850H74557647
    (11:00 am) [Neel]: the balance of Rs.2579.18 i have paid with debit card with transaction id: 8383611
    (11:01 am) [Sachin W.] this is the only amount we have received fro your account. : : Rs.3820.24
    (11:01 am) [Sachin W.] so we will check with billing department and update you accordingly.
    (11:01 am) [System] Chat session closed due to lack of network response from Neel after 300 seconds.

  2. Rajeev says:

    Neel is correct, HostGator India team sucks big time! their staff is not at all qualified and they have to goof up with your accounts.

    Their technical support is even worse, deleting backup files, doing completely opposite of your request. trouble makers.

    Past 1 year experience with HostGator India, i would advise everybody to stay away from them.

    However is very promising and much better support.

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