Published On: Mon, Jul 14th, 2014

Hidden Features of iOS8

iOS8 hidden features

Now obviously this is not going to be a full list of hidden features of iOS 8 and I will introduce you with some new one added or deleted on future version of iOS 8. Definitely they all will not the same when it comes out on the fall. Now available version is iOS 8 beta 1, so lets get started with this.

TIME-LAPSE feature on camera

Open the camera apps; first thing you are going to notice that is a self-times on the top. You can set 3seconds or 10seconds for taking a picture. If you scroll over to the left and after slow motion you will find ‘time-lapse’ feature. This is kind of nifty. What will let you do is to setup your camera on the tripod or up again something and you are free to choose if you like to shoot pictures and save them. There have been apps in that past like this but it’s nice to see it baked in to the actual camera app on iOS.

Mobile safari

If you open safari in iOS you will able to see a request desktop websites. If you are not sure what that means is now a days most websites are coded for a desktop version as well as mobile version. However sometimes all the features are not available on the mobile version of the website. So what you may want to is request the desktop website, what is going to be exactly format to work on the iPhone but you will get to see the same one you see on your desktop. In the past you could do this with the third party browsers, but first time you will actually see it on the iOS. That’s kind of a cool thing and something they didn’t talk about on the stage.

iOS8 features

Detailed battery usage

If you make your way next to the settings app and then move on to the general and then go to the usage and then click battery usage, you will see detailed usage of your battery. This is a new thing; in the past you can’t see your battery usage in depth. You can see last 7 days usage or last 24 hours usage. This is much like on android; you can get the very detail usage of your battery through out the day. You can see the application which is draining your battery much and which is not.

Erasing message after certain time

Head towards to your settings and go to messages settings. There is really cool feature, which is very important but they did not note about that. But definitely something I figured a bigger feature in iOS 8. You can actually now erase messages and set them to erase after certain amount of time. If you are not aware usually when you got pictures, videos and lot of iMessages and text messages that will take up space into your device. Then you need to free up your space and for that you can use this feature, which will delete your messages after 30days or 1 year. You can also keep your messages forever also.

iCloud Search By Email

If you go into settings and go into iCloud account you now have the options looked up by email. It says that apple allows other people to look you up by your apple id and they are able to see your first and last name. This is a new feature.


Weather Apps

The weather apps are big refresh in iOS 7 and however it got a little bit different in iOS8. You will not get many more days in forecast almost more than a week.

Quick reply

Go to your settings applications and then notifications and then choose messages. Once you are in messages settings you will have ‘banner’ options clicked to it. All you have to do is to select ‘alerts’ and done. Now you can quick reply sms or iMessages and other apps like this. I discovered this by myself and you can use it in different way.

This is some hidden feature in iOS 8 and hope it will be fun for you using this features.

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