Published On: Sat, Dec 1st, 2012

Comprehensive Analysis of Apple iOS 6

Apple is constantly doing their research and they are bringing new operating system with their new devices from few years now. The latest operating system introduced by Apple is iOS 6 and it was first introduced in iPhone 5. What is special in this operating system? Is it actually useful or just hype created by the company to increase their sales? Here we are analyzing this operating system so that you can check if it is useful for you or not.

Apple has introduced the new vector-based engine now and the built-in Maps app of your device can use it to give you the results. Therefore it can be a soothing experience for the users as they can get the results instantly. The operating system can give you the correct information of real-time traffic and it has also the facility to offer 3D views of many major cities. Siri has been improved and this operating system can actually be beneficial to get the required results for restaurants and games statistics. You can also use Facebook and Twitter with a refreshing experience and it has the facility to launch various apps instantly.

This operating system can also work with previous generation iPhone and iPad models however you would not be able to use all the features of Apple iOS6. The available Safari browser can show you the better results with bigger view even if you are not using iPhone 5 or the current iPad model. If you want to check your browsing history here then you can simply do it by pressing the back-button in Safari for a second. You can use your Apple account here more easily and you need not have to type the password again and again. This feature is very interesting here.

Apple has included Kernel ASLR here for the security purpose and the new UI here is highly supportive. This operating system gives you the facility of sharing the photos more conveniently than any other operating system. You can share specific photos with specific people as you want. There are new calling facilities through iOS 6. You can set the callback reminder with ease. Furthermore handling of calls is very easy here. You can decline the call and send the message instantly if you are not able to attend at a specific time.

If a user is interested to send a specific URL through email then it has the facility of copying the URL. You can send it through email or text message instantly. This operating system also gives you the facility of offline reading. This is a very useful option in case you do not have access to the internet at any point of time. You can save the information by adding the details to â??Add to Reading Listâ? and use the data whenever you require.

Overall we can say that Apple has added some new features in iOS6 which are very convenient for the users. If you want to use the complete features of this operating system then you can utilize iPhone 5 and it can offer you some amazing experience.

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