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Complete review of Hostgator Web Hosting

hostgator Are you searching for the complete review about Hostgator Web Hosting? If yes, then this is the right track for you to know about everything related to Hostgator Web Hosting. Do not need to spend more time for searching in more number of reviews. The complete review about Hostgator Web Hosting in this page is sufficient for anyone to know about the hostgator. Hostgator is a best way to promote the reseller hosting and shared hosting tactics. One can add more amount of disc space and bandwidth even without any additional charges.

The Hosting offers so many discounts for its users especially for those who pays bill in advance. The Hostgator offers concession particularly in one, two, three year plans. The Hostgator had not given such discounts for their users since before. At present, only they initiated such useful discounts mainly to satisfy their users. Hostgator WordPress Coupon

Hostgator will include some set up fees only for those who pay bills in delay. This additional set up charge will not include for regular bill paying users. Hostgator users can also able to withdraw their account by simply filling an annulment form. Hostgator are also provides money back guarantee for its users so it is beneficial for the customers to test it without loss their money. One can also pay money through PayPal, which is highly accepted by Hostgator.

Hostgator offers cPanel based Linux Web Hosting service, which attracts the users for its effectiveness. Through this service, one can do live chatting, telephone support in every possible minute without any inconveniences. Mail setup is not an easy task for someone to do it in limited periods. However, One can do mail setups effectively in limited periods by accessing through on Hostgator. It will take only 20 minutes to do such process of mail setup.

Hostgator offering three best plans:

The Hostgator offering three kinds of plan namely,

1. Hatchling plan

2. Baby plan

3. Business plan.

Let me explain you the plans in detail,

1. Hatchling plan:

Hostgator offers such pocket plan which is very easy for users. The hatchling plan has more specialties, which have disc space ranging from 50GB to 350GB and bandwidth from 200GB to 3500GB.This Hatchling plan will allow only one domain name for hosting. UnlimitedMySQL Databases, Unlimited sub Domains, Uptime insurance for amount 99.5%, Unlimited FTP accounts are some of the features offered by this plan. This plan costs 6.95$, 5.95$, 4.95$ for one year, two year, three year respectively.

2. Baby plan:

Its users mostly welcome this plan due to various reasons. The disc space of this plan ranges from 100GB to 600GB and the bandwidth ranges from 1000GB to 6000GB. The price for this plan is same as Hatchling plan. The disc space and the bandwidth for this baby plan is 500% so effective than Hatchling plan. UnlimitedMySQL Databases, Unlimited sub Domains, Uptime insurance for amount 99.9%, Unlimited FTP and UnlimitedPOP3 Accounts are some of the features offered by this baby plan. This plan costs 9.95$, 7.95$ for two year, three year respectively

3. Business plan:

The swamp plan provides unlimited bandwidth and the disc space is about 1000GB. This plan highly supports Personal SSL and Anonymous FTP PLAN the rest is same as baby plan. This plan costs 14.95$, 12.95$ for two year, three year respectively. You also get Your Own Toll-Free Number & Dedicated Ip absolutely free!

Apart from them, Hostgator also offers Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

I have been personally using Hostgator from 5 years and trust me it surely is the Best Web Hosting out there. 99.9% uptime, friendly support, great & affordable prices is the best thing about Hostgator.

This is not a paid review or paid post but my experience with Hostgator and hence I have blogged about it. :-)

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