Published On: Thu, Dec 18th, 2014

Cicret Bracelet: Upcoming Tool that May Change the Way we Use Gadgets

Cicret Bracelet is the new technological tool that may influence the gadget industry a lot in coming times. Cicret is an app company working on some new technological tools and they may bring a special kind of bracelet in 2016 for the mass market.


Currently the work is going on for this bracelet and if the company attains success then you would be able to make your skin as the next touchscreen place to access your gadget. Company is claiming that the main target of Cicret is to bring the functions of tablet right on to the arm. Now from the display appearing in our arm, we would be able to utilize the functions of tablets. It can also have some other useful features like Bluetooth, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, and microUSD support.

You can not only answer the calls through the display appearing on your arm but you can also read your emails, and play your favorite game. Now it looks like you need not have to carry your gadget everywhere to access the functions in coming times. Cicret Bracelet will allow you to access almost all the functions from your arm without holding the gadget every time. The complete display on your arms will be such that you may not feel any issue while accessing different sections of the gadget. Check the weather condition, traffic situation and other such thing easily without keeping the tablet every time with you.

Cicret Bracelet can be a useful thing for people who avoid purchasing tablet because of its size. They say that it is highly uncomfortable carrying a big-screen device everywhere. Cicret Bracelet can bridge this gap and it can allow you to access all the functions of your tablet through the display appearing on your arm. However we still have to wait for some more time because the project is at the beginning phase itself.

It is the new thing for the market like Google Glass. Currently Cicret is trying to raise the funds for further development and production. Therefore they may take some time to say something officially about the device. The work has already been started and company is determined to bring it for every platform. It may support 16GB and 32GB gadgets at the beginning. Therefore in future we may see a time when tablet makers sell this device along with their models.

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