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sunny Hello Friends,

I am Sunny Bajaj, from Mumbai – India. I am 26/M, in the dotcom industry from the last 9 yrs but with a hardware & software handling experience of about 9-10 yrs. (As on 31st Dec 2011)

My profession career online describes me as a SEO Professional, A Webmaster, Link Builder, Web Developer & more…

Some of my key skills are as mentioned below:


Programming Skills:
HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript (Proficient).

Graphic design and Photo editing (Proficient).

Web Servers used: Linux/Windows

DBMS used: MySql

Web Development/Services Skills: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Keyword Optimization, Onsite-Offsite SEO/Management, Domain Registration, Web hosting, Statistics/ Analytics Management, RSS / XML Management, Affiliate marketing, Link Building, Google Sitemaps Management, Adsense/Adwords Management, Social Book Marking/Marketing, Content Management, Website Management/Development, Script Management/Troubleshooting. (Expert)

Search Engines used: Google, Yahoo, Msn …. and more!

So how did all this get started? Continue reading to know more about me! :)

About Me:

I started of playing games on the computer and slowly moved onto typing documents & removing printouts, that’s how I learned to use Microsoft Word. Hence I started working at my dad’s office removing printouts for him and his client, though I did the work very rarely.

With the Vsnl-Dialup internet coming @ home and office, that was my first step towards the internet. I registered a lot of email id’s and used to do timepass on the internet, waiting for someone to mail me! Oh yeah spammers used to mail me, I used love reading their mails then ;).

My encounter with an Indian Television Forum and its Owner changed my life. Until then I just used to waste my time on the net. I started moderating their forums and the admin became my close friend. He turned me to a (so called ;)) intelligent boy.

He used to call me a Techie and had infact given me the first title that ever a forum member got, and till date its a exclusive title held with me, i.e., “!@#$@ Forum Techie”

What else? He gave me my first ever site Sunny-Bajaj.com. We were finding the domain name with the word Techie in it, but finally registered Sunny-Bajaj.com and the hosting was provided by his company.

I started the site and there was no turning back.

Starting the site was good but nothing very special in terms of revenue, it taught me the handling of a website and handling the Internet!

From personal blog to internet facts n tutorials to timepass blog to finally a gadget blog the journey was 2yrs+. I came in touch with other good gadget blogs and used to read information from there and blog them in my own words.

Life was gr8 but I needed something more…. I was fascinated by the terms pagerank and I wanted that PR5 what the others had.

I started checking the backlinks that other websites had, did some research to check what my competitors had, noticing linkbacks from related niche and from some online forums. [Yes you can call me a spy, afterall to spy on your competitor is Business ;-) , not like the big boys aren’t doing it. Well if you aren’t doing so, its time to getup and smell some coffee.]

That’s when I noticed a competitor had good no.of backlinks from a Webmasters Forum! Obviously the next thing I did was to register at that forum….

And bang, I had explored a box of gold. I learned more about the Internet and its endless possibilities.

One thing about me is that I am a quick learner. I always read-practice-implement and then master that niche. I am always open to learning something new (& old if I have left something behind) and exciting.

My journey has given me an experience of more than 8-9 years in the Online Industry.

I have worked for a lot of big boys out there in the niche, I’d rather say they have given me the privilege to consult them on what I do the best.

I do run a Web Development/Internet Marketing Company namely; Digital Solutions India formed around 2007 having its office in Navi Mumbai.

I don’t really serve the general public professionally but only work for corporates (40%) and manage our own network (60%) which comprises of various websites under difference niche.

But yes I do offer free consultation to my friends, industry folks and general public. I do so to share my knowledge and experience with others.

You can connect with me on Facebook: SunnyBajaj & Twitter: @Sunny_Bajaj and yes Like Techno Freak on Facebook. You can also get in touch with me using my contact form.

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  1. Raj says:

    Really, I am very excited after reading your blog. I am also working as a seo specialist in a company. I think u can help me to sharing the knowledge about seo in future. Thank you

  2. stevejohnson says:

    it is very interesting journey to SEO, i am very fond of you guy, really you are techie boy. Still you have great future in coming days. You know well, nothing to tell to about.

  3. Satya Reddy says:

    hey its great to here about u, i am actually new to seo field, i hope u will definetly help me out too, has you were brought in this possittion.

  4. pavani says:

    I am using aircelpocket Internet onapple iPhone.I cannot see and play the videos on the google and YouTube.the net is also very slow.please solve my problem.

  5. Satya says:

    Can you please help me on connecting my iphone 3g(3.0) to PC through Aircel? The free gprs works fine on my iphone but when connect to PC the Internet tethering option disappears. Plz Help

  6. anand jadhav says:

    plz send me del.s that help me to connect internet unlimited internet on aircel pocketinternet,setting on my pc setting.and all

    anand jadhav

  7. ravi says:

    I am using aircelpocket Internet on apple iPhone 3gs how to configure setting

  8. VINOD says:

    dear sunny bajaj hello

    tell me how to earn money through internet

  9. Rahul Kulshrestha says:

    hello sir,
    i am rahul from kota rajasthan. i presently work as a SEO executive in a BPO in my city and iam not satisfied frm it…plzz give me ur contact no. or contact me through mail as i have to move forward in this field.

    i’ll b w8ing for ur answer.

  10. Sahil says:

    M using loop mobile gprs on my iphone 3gs.
    Need help regarding apn settings

  11. Shubham says:

    Hey u r gr8
    Please help me too
    I have bought the new iPad and m using a Vodafone 3G sim in it but I’m not getting 3G network here in Vivek vihar Delhi ..
    My apn is www
    I’ve also activated the sim as it worked on my 3G phone
    But on iPad it’s showing the 2g network and 2g net speed

    Please help meeee.. Please

  12. Sunny Bajaj says:

    Ensure 3G is activated from Vodafone’s end too. Call them up. :-)

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